Why not start your new life together in paradise?

Mauritius is one of the top five destinations for weddings and honeymoons. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the island.

It is the ideal place to crown your dream of love, whether for your honeymoon or as the chosen place to celebrate your wedding. The once volcanic tropical island of Mauritius, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is surrounded by coral reefs that give rise to calm glittering turquoise lagoons that will amaze you. The contrast of colours, cultures and flavours makes the island so fascinating as to constitute the ideal setting for an unforgettable holiday. Here you will experience luxury like never before, at a level of sophistication well above what is on offer at any other exotic holiday destination.

Mauritius is a tropical dream come true before your eyes! After a day of water sports, relax and enjoy the unforgettable sight of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Time on the island moves slowly, allowing you time to think about how to spend the day: perhaps a stroll in one of the island’s nature reserves, or a rite of absolute relaxation in a spa. Mauritius will spoil you for choice, with every turn more satisfying than the other! After discovering its beauty you will undoubtedly return for yet another visit.